Luis Martins
Luis Martins
2D - 3D Artist

About Me


I'm from Montreal and I've been working in the video game industry for the past 14

To date I have worked and challenged areas such as art direction, lighting direction, concept art and game designing.

I am currently employed as a Senior Lighting Artist and have helped in the direction of the lighting, mood, post processes for scenes and cinematics in games such as Rise Of the Tomb Raider, Deux Ex Mankind Divided and Tomb Raider reboot.

I have a fine understanding of needed intentions towards environement directions, artistic composition and gameplay visibility.

I also have a active participation on tools developement discussions and directions.

Chrono Resurrection

Co/ Creator of Chrono Trigger Resurrection with my friend Nathan Lazur.



WaterMelon Project Y

Personal project collaboration

-Co Creator/Art Director, Character/ pixel Artist, Designer of Paprium.

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